The Bachelor

So I was watching television the other day happily again  until the The Bachelor came on.

In case you guys don’t know what The Bachelor is, it is yet another reality television series where 25 girls throw themselves freely at one guy (yep, the bachelor), hoping he would fall in love with them eventually. Each week, the bachelor would present roses to the girls whom he wants to know better and the rest who do not get a rose would be eliminated. At the end of the show, he would propose to one of the girls and they would live happily ever after – or so that’s what the television says.

I quickly switched channel before I got disgusted and annoyed. To me, I think it is one of the most superficial shows I have ever come across so far. Perhaps, we live in a conservative society and the show would appeal to westernized cultures more. Or maybe, I am just sceptical that people can actually find their “true love” in a few weeks through television where many people can easily put up a front and appear to be nice whereas some people are just on it for the fame. And what happens if the bachelor doesn’t like any of the 25 girls and is still forced to choose a girl in the end?

The most annoying factor however, is that it cheapens the female gender and how people perceive females. On the show, the bachelor gets to go on dates with the girls and sometimes get intimate with them as well. To fight to go on dates with him, the girls would do anything to get it. They would flirt with him intensively and backstab other girls in attempt to spoil his image of them. All these actions portray these women in a negative light and create the perception that women can be easily attained and taken advantage of.

The show also enhances the perception that males as the more domineering gender in a sense that the bachelor is the one who has the right to pick which girl he wants to be with. A girl on the show can like him very much but if he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, she is out of the game.
Actually, I don’t even know what the whole purpose of the show serves. It doesn’t encourage loyalty or monogamy between couples. Maybe it is just for pure entertainment’s sake. But I definitely don’t really enjoy this kind of entertainment.


16 thoughts on “The Bachelor

  1. Jit says:

    i agree with your sentiments on this post. seriously? 25 girls throwing themselves at one guy before they even really know him. i’m guessing all they know about him is that he has lots of cash, and an expensive house, and that makes me agree with your point on the show being degrading to females.

    How do you even force yourself to fall in love with someone? From the guy’s shoes, it’s probably gonna be quite shitty if you realize you don’t like any of the girls, but week after week you have to pretend to like this girl or that girl and send another home. the whole thing just doesn’t make sense. it doesn’t really benefit the guy, nor the girl.

    i’m equally confused as to why such a pointless show can be categorized as entertainment.

    • yanhan says:

      That is why I feel that this show is pretty superficial in the sense that, even if the bachelor doesn’t like any of the girls, he would have to force himself to fake the impression that he likes one of them! :/

  2. Melissa says:

    I agree! this show is so fake! I highly doubt any of the contestants or even the main bachelor or bachelorette join the show to find love.

  3. King of Blogs says:

    Reality TV is not as real in my opinion. It’s all scripted for the sake of entertainment.
    People love to see drama, and when there’s “real” drama, viewership will increase and hence making more money for the TV station.

    I wouldn’t mind being the bachelor though…

    • yanhan says:

      I agree with your sentiments on “Reality TV is not real”. It’s probably coined “reality tv” cause these tv shows use real people, but whether or not these people display their actual genuine self is another matter.

  4. xxx says:

    i agree with your post, i do not trust whatever is shown on tv because of the way it is scripted. i for one wouldnt be looking for true love on tv

  5. reeohnah says:

    I agree. This is similar to the incident in China where match making shows are sending unintended messages like promoting materialism instead of true love. Perhaps, it is the choice of participants they should really consider before creating the shows as it will affect the perceptions of the audience.

    • yanhan says:

      I’ve watched that matchmaking show too! I feel all these “matchmaking” reality shows base too much on superficial looks. Take a look at the bachelor, the show is made up of only pretty looking girls and this good looking guy too! They placed too much emphasis on good lookers 😦

  6. yupianmeefen says:

    I guess the media really screws with our perception. If we ask kids nowadays what love actually means, they would probably say ‘Fancy Dates, Expensive restaurants and extravagant gifts’ Instant gratification, thats what it is i think

    • yanhan says:

      Yeah, and people tend to have the perception of an “ideal partner”, someone who is good looking and is perfect in every way, like how the media portrays it! Media really screws our perception indeed 😦

  7. alysiaub says:

    I totally agree about how the show is quite degrading and superficial. It trivializes the entire concept of finding a life partner. The participants are put in a hypothetical situation where they are competing for one guy. There’s no guarantee that the girls actually do like the guy on a personal basis because for one, they don’t even know him well enough. The girls are thrown in a situation where it becomes more important to win the ‘heart’ of the bachelor rather than to find someone they can have a relationship with. I won’t be surprised if the girls turn out to be different from how they portray themselves to be; their portrayed self merely what they thought would get the bachelor to pick them.

    I guess you can say most reality tv-shows are like this in nature, where the supposed ‘purpose’ is overwritten by the human nature of the participants to be preoccupied with winning.

    • yanhan says:

      Yeah, I am also confused how people actually fall in love and get married in such a short brief period! And especially, when the bachelor gets the chance to mingle around and get intimate with the ladies, what if he harbours feelings for multiple girls but can only choose one?

  8. Zheng says:

    I agree with your sentiment that this show is superficial. Love doesn’t blossom just by having girls hang around a guy; let alone expecting it to emerge when the guy spend so little time with any single girl. It seems more likely that both parties merely have feelings of attraction or lust but not true love. Furthermore, if the guy did fancy one particular girl, shouldn’t he feel guilty about hanging around with so many other flirtatious women too?

  9. I feel sad for the girls too! 😦 And I feel your sentiments on “what if the guy did fancy one particular girl, shouldn’t he feel guilty about hanging around with so many other flirtatious women?” I guess everything is just for show and maybe if he does seeem like he liked one particular girl, it might just be a facade.

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