Celebrities in love

We see tabloids and news on celebrity couples almost every day. A celebrity couple that caught my eye recently are, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

While reading this online article, I became envious that Justin Bieber actually took Selena Gomez out on a date at the Staples Center, a world-class arena for sports and entertainment events located in Los Angeles, California! Apparently, Justin Bieber reportedly got the keys to the center for free. If not, it would have cost him a lot of money as a whopping sum of $475,000 is needed to buy a high-end VIP luxury suite for 14 at the Staples Center. And no, I wasn’t envious of her going out with Justin Bieber, but the fact that a boy is so willing to spend so much money on a girl for just one night. *Sighs*

According to the Knapp Model of Relational Development, they are clearly at the stage 2, the Experimental stage where they are going out on dates, getting to know one another better and trying to impress each other (though I feel he was trying a little too hard). There could be a possibility that they are at stage 3 instead, the Intensifying stage, where there is increased commitment, disclosure of feelings, physical contact and even a created relational identity. But all these details could be kept under wraps if they did not want the media or public to know about it. Only both of them know what stage they are in themselves.

Apart from them, there are other celebrity couples who have ventured in further stages. One of my favourite celebrity couples would have to be Victoria and David Beckham.

They are at stage 5, the Bonding stage, where they are married, have children and have formalized obligation and commitment to each other. Although they had their rough moments when David Beckham allegedly had an affair, they are still very much in love. They also had done an Emporio Armani advertisement together as a couple, but I can’t show it here on my blog as it is quite obscene. (but you can go google it!)

Victoria Beckham also loves to tweet about her family, which gives me the impression that she is an extremely family oriented person despite her busy schedule.


Sadly, some celebrity couples end up in divorces. For a period of time, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson were stuck at stage 8, Stagnation stage where they had ongoing problems and conflicts.


Soon, they succumbed to stage 10, the Terminating stage, when their relationship finally ended. I felt sad because they were my favourite couple too. 😦


Be it celebrities or ordinary people, interpersonal relationships can start on a good note and sometimes, inevitably end on a bad note. Oh well, life goes on.


14 thoughts on “Celebrities in love

  1. mnnushi says:

    Justin Bieber is a 1994 while Selena Gomez is a 1992.
    I wonder who was the one who started the Initiating Stage and whether or not having the girl being older has a accelerated or degenerative progression in the Knapp Model of Relational Development. Since Selena Gomez is older, supposedly more mature, maybe she will be the one leading and teaching Bieber what to do next? I’ve always wondered how age differences have an impact on the Relational Development for 2 types of cases.
    The first kind is where the guy is 50 years old and the girl is 20 years old, where the guy is older than the girl. The second kind is where the girl is 30 years old and the guy is 20 years old. These are anomalies in the societal trends and norms. Maybe if a new study is made on this group, a new Relational Development Model will be derived eh? πŸ˜›

    • yanhan says:

      I think it’s pretty common for girls to date guys who are younger than them now. Interesting that you brought up a point that Selena Gomez is the more mature one and hence she’s suppose to lead the relationship, but I guess all of us are exposed to the gender stereotype that guys should be the one taking the lead.

  2. reeohnah says:

    In terms of relationship, there is never a one perfect formula to sustain relationships. With many social changes and shifts, stagnation becomes prevalent and divorces rate go on the rise.

    I feel that it is not about the money spend on relationship but the willingness to refresh the relationship. It is both parties responsibility.

    • yanhan says:

      That is so true! Relationships are pretty volatile :/ Anything can happen and change it. I agree with you that the people involved in relationships should always keep things fresh and maintain the novelty factor in their relationship πŸ™‚

  3. Zheng says:

    That is an interesting analysis. However, I do wonder if it is a little too simplistic to break down complicated relationships into neat stages. I feel that relationships may have some overlapping stages.

    • yanhan says:

      Hmm, that is an interesting point you brought up, Zheng Wei. The model just acts as a guide and it is not necessary applicable for all cases πŸ™‚

  4. John Tan says:

    so jealous of that justin beiber. but oh well, the kid’s still human – who needs to go out for dates, get into relationships. (no matter how he does it) Give him a break yea!

  5. alysiaub says:

    I totally get what you mean by being surprised at how much a boy is willing to spend on a girl.. Maybe their celebrity status has something to with it, where they cannot allow themselves to be seen as cheapskate or ‘ordinary.’ But that makes the whole point of a date so superficial, but maybe for them, inevitable.

    I think Luke brought up an interesting point as well. The Relational development model may have to be changed after all these couples of interesting age-gaps and statuses. Perhaps there can be one that studies the development between celebrities! But then again, they’re merely human.

    • yanhan says:

      Although celebrities are human afterall, they are sadly not treated like one. They get subjected to judgments all the time. They are expected to be perfect and I agree with your point that they have some status and image to keep up, hence, all the extravagant dates etc.

  6. jyingslim says:

    Using the knapps model to describe celebrities in love is a fresh way of using and applying the model – something that we can also discuss in lectures next time as well! πŸ™‚
    I think that personally, the knapps model may not depict an accurate representation of how couples fall in love and terminate their relationship, but I think that the generalisation may be because individuals are very different and in a dyadic relationship, how different people communicate and relate to each other as well as the self-disclosure level will differ vastly from situation to situation. Great analysis tho πŸ˜€ I liked the JB & Selena Gomez example!

  7. yanhan says:

    Hehe thankyou! I agree with your point as well on how generalization always occurs in that model. i dont really think its that applicable as wellll…

  8. Chris. says:

    I hope kids like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez won’t make silly mistakes in the course of their relationship. Oh, wait, they already have because she is PREGNANT. And now various sources are springing up labeling Bieber as another unborn child’s dad. Looks like Bonding has taken place outside the Gomez carriage.

    Oh but it’s not just kids who make such mistakes. Look at Kim Kardashian! A glitzy marriage that lasted only 72 days. A waste of money, time and precious resources that could have been spent on more meaningful days and not such frivolous activity.

    I have nothing but contempt for such couples, no matter how high a celebrity status they have attained.

  9. Chris. says:

    I think that besides stages of a relationship, people really need to have a better understanding and awareness of the consequences of their actions. And yeahp, you’re right to say that “Be it celebrities or ordinary people, interpersonal relationships can start on a good note and sometimes, inevitably end on a bad note. Oh well, life goes on.”

    In all, good job Tako!! (:

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