Mass Media on the move

I was on my way to school, happily listening to the morning news on the radio one day. And then, I got to know about Steve Job’s death. My heart sank. I quickly went to double check the news on Twitter, and it was indeed true as tweets from credible sources like BBC, Time Magazine and Straits Times start flooding my twitter homepage. 😦

Oh well. (awkward silence)






But ANYWAY, today’s post has got nothing to do with him. It just suddenly hit me that we are not as reliant on the newspapers for current affairs and news as before.

The evolutionary of Mass Media reminds me of take-out food. We can have the food and eat it wherever we want to. Mass media is no longer restricted to just television and print publication, it is getting more readily available on gadgets like the Iphone and the Ipad.

Reading the news on an Ipad is so much more refined than flipping the newspapers on the train. And why do I say that? Because I’ve newspaper flipped in my face before, by inconsiderate people who can still forcefully read the newspapers on a crowded train.

Aside from news, you can read magazines on the Ipad too! Time, Vanity Fair, Elle, Maxim, Popular Science, GQ, Zinio… You want it, you can have it.

Books are also available in digital format and one gadget that supports that is, the amazing Amazon Kindle. You can download several books and fit into a sleek and thin body. That would really lighten the weight in your bag. 😉 But sadly, e-books are not my cup of tea as I really enjoy flipping through the crisp pages of a magazine and reading a thick book (it makes me feel intelligent). But I guess Iwould not mind getting an Ipad to read the news on the train like a demure lady.

Besides gadgets, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook provide us great insight on what’s happening around the world. For instance, I gained better understanding of the Japan’s earthquake through my Japanese friend’s facebook updates and the Mexico’s swine flu attack back in 2009 through my Mexican friend’s twitter statuses.

In a local context, we also get our latest scoops and news through our friends’ random ramblings. I remember the time when Singapore’s Orchard road was hit by a flood and everyone was tweeting about it. Sharing of information through social networking sites not only bonds people, but also educates them.

The evolutionary of mass media definitely makes me excited for the future and I wonder what great and new inventions await us!


15 thoughts on “Mass Media on the move

  1. reeohnah says:

    I feel that with reading technology like ipads and Kinder, it still does not change the current generation preference for “old school” reading materials. It is because there is a tendency for the backlight to be glaring. Of course some people still like the touch of paper.

    But it is undeniable that such technology will slowly change our lifestyle, habits and preference. However, we should always keep in mind to be “hands on” rather than a “techno slave”.

    • yanhan says:

      I don’t want to be techno slave too 😦 But in this technology driven world, it will be hard to keep up if you don’t start including these gadgets in your lives. Like for instance, I think internet has become such an essential in our lives, its akin to needing to drink water in our every day lives. WE NEED INTERNET! For research, projects, school work, checking of stock markets etc etc.

  2. Chloe Tan says:

    Yup the mass media has made the world a smaller place, meaning it’s so easy to access the internet at just the click of the button and finding out about another place that may be way over the other side of the Earth so easily!

  3. Jade Ang says:

    In my opinion, social media is not the most ideal medium to gather news information. It can be highly unreliable due to the permeation of citizen journalism. Moreover, Twitter has a character limit that may lead to the omission of details, leading to factual errors or misunderstandings.

    As for e-books, I have not quite taken to the e-reading devices and I remain a fan of the physical books. Digital copies just aren’t the same as having a range of novels across the shelf!

    • yanhan says:

      That is an interesting point you brought up. news can be really one-sided sometimes and loses its objectivity when someone transmit its message through social media sites 😦

  4. Tammy Ye says:

    You know, having studied so hard for my marketing exam that is FINALLY over, I learnt that there is so much going on in the mass media world that it’s become too cluttered– marketers are moving to sales promotion to grasp our short attention spans better. Well anyway, I think it might do more bad than good to society in a long run… lack of seeing the need to discern what we see on the media might make us stupid.

    • yanhan says:

      Yep, we kinda rely too much on the media! WHICH CAN BE A REALLLY BAD THING! 😦 Too much info, info overload. We need to have our own stand!!! AND VIEWS!

  5. Warrick Lim aka wwlim says:

    I love the newspaper so i’ll try my best to give an unbias opinion here.

    The usage of high tech gadgets to give us our daily dosage of information is an innovative initiative, with a click on our ipads we can get free, reliable and up-to-date news on the’s convenient, the visual colours are richer, we can watch videos and have a better understanding on the events featured more and also it gives us a another perspective not from the ruling party. Other features like twitter and facebook really informs us faster than anything else in the world. I often surf the net for news.

    But i will still have to go with traditional newspaper more. It may cost $ (sometimes free though) , is not as current and we cannot watch videos, but i still feel it’s imperative for us to flip through pages and have a good feel of how traditional reading is like. moreover, a newspaper concludes for us the important happenings of the day and not over bombard us with unimportant information,we do not spoil our eyes through hrs of reading (due to the glare of ipads), we never have to worry it runs out of batteries and i really love having to flip through crumpled pages while busy n the toilet.

  6. Priscilia Ong says:

    Well, i personally prefer reading from “old” newspaper for simple reason being..i am used to be honest…Also,maybe it is just me but i feel that reading from the newspaper is faster and i will just “auto” screen out whatever news that is not important to it does not matter if i use technology as it will be the same..

    • yanhan says:

      Reading news on the internet is faster, I thought? They have many many headlines listed, and all you have to do is scrolll and you get a glimpse of everything!

  7. derede14 says:

    Even though news from social media sites are unreliable, I have to admit that I prefer getting updates especially from Twitter. And with official Twitter accounts from BBC, Time and The Straits Times, there has to be credibility from them right? But I only like damn for quick updates, I still prefer reading the news in-depth from the newspaper.

  8. jyingslim says:

    Yes! Timeliness has become the hallmark of our current Gen Y and Gen Z.
    We are so used to the idea of “instant” it can be shown in even our food choices “instant food” – delayed gratification is not imbued and internalised into our value system today. And the idea of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, they are hooked onto it for instant and current newsbites (we are not used to reading long essays of news articles anymore). The busyness of life also contributes to this idea of using social media to get updates and news to keep ourselves current.
    However, what if one day we cannot differentiate which are the ‘official’ sources of real news and which are not anymore? Will we get confused and organisations/people take advantage of it to cause us to accept falsified information as ‘news’ as a result? Just a thought… 🙂

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