Week 1: Introduction to Internet

For the past two lessons of Com125, I have learnt about the history and evolution of the internet. It has never occurred to me before (after using the internet for soooooooo many years) how the internet has started. But honestly, the scientific and computer-ish terms that Mr Abel had taught us, still don’t quite register in my brain as my mind doesn’t function in computer codes. However, one thing I do understand, is the IMPACT of internet, and how it has changed millions of lives drastically, including mine.

I remember the first time being exposed to the internet was when I was primary 5, and I only went on the net to play my favourite game then, Neopets (this online virtual pet game).



The only time I had access to the internet was after my English tuition, for a pathetic 1 hour time frame. Internet then, had to be connected by a special old school dial up wire, which could be quite cumbersome but I never complained. I treasured every single minute of my 1 hour time frame and used it really wisely. 

Fast forward 10 years and here I am, typing my Com125 blog post. The internet now has infinite possibilities. Blogs’ popularity have grown tremendously over the years and people use them to set up online journals and even personal online shopping sites. People can also journal their lives through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, where they can share their every day life photos and statuses. 

Like everything else, the internet has both its good and bad sides. I feel that we are becoming more and more reliant on technological tools to function in our every day lives, which makes us very lazy (and easily irritable) people. Everything has become so instantaneous now and our lives ride on the fast pace of the internet motorcycle. If anything loads slower than 6 seconds, our patience snaps and we deem it slow. We hardly make trips to the library to do research anymore as information is just a click away on Google. Who needs the old school road directory when we can type our destination in our GPS and it brings us to places. We don’t even need to use much of our brain capacity to keep intimate memories now – the internet helps us store them and we can retrieve them easily on our social networking sites.

Thus, I don’t really know whether I should thank the people who built the internet. I am not sure if I like the fast pace of life (and it will only get faster in the future) and how technology absorbed our society has become. We don’t observe strangers on public transports anymore as we dabble in our gadgets. We are slowly becoming oblivious to our surroundings. And these are my two cents worth on this week’s Com125 introduction to internet, till then. 🙂


One thought on “Week 1: Introduction to Internet

  1. thecurlyasian says:

    Hey i used to play neopets too! and seeing that pic makes me feel like signing up again for the millionth time hehe 🙂

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