Week 2: I have been victimized

Social media is a topic that has been widely talked about and explored. It is hard not to talk about it. It is not JUST another communication tool; it has infused into many people’s lives and become a part of them. Just like many social media victims, social media is like a permanent mosquito bite planted on my skin. I see this burning red insatiable itch, and as much as I try to ignore it, I feel the urge to scratch it over and over again. I HAVE BEEN VICTIMIZED 😦


“You don’t need to see your Twitter. YOU DON’T NEED TO SEE YOUR FACEBOOK! You don’t need them, really.” Is something that I tell myself every day to psych myself out of the chains of social media. Despite such compelling words I use on myself, I fail 99% of the time. My itchy little fingers and subconscious have their way to inch towards my phone or computer to access my social media accounts. I find cheap thrills looking at my friends’ funny personal encounters or photos of their cats, dogs, bunnies and turtles. But what my friends have been up to in their lives, IS IT ANY OF MY BUSINESS?



The answer is NO. Not at all. But there is indeed something that appeals me to go read their updates…. and that is curiosity. Since I can’t be 24/7 physically there for all of my friends, the only way to keep in contact with them is through such platforms. I love how social media can boost my ego and confidence sometimes. I get the adrenaline rush when I see 5 new updates on my Facebook. My ego ups another notch when I see 10 new ‘likes’ on the photo I just uploaded while I embrace this short lived popularity. It is also exciting for me when my tweets on Twitter get favourited and re-tweeted as I praise myself secretly for my good sense of wit and humour.


While my ego can sky rocket with social media, it can go downhill easily too (sadly). Especially when I see my friends’ lives are much more exciting and happening and I compare theirs with my life. Sometimes seeing pictures of friends going for extravagant events and exploring different countries makes me think, “What am I doing with my life?!?!?”


I suppose at the end of the day, social media makes me an insecure sloth and I don’t like it at all. Even though we claim to be ‘keeping in contact’ with our friends through social media, but are we really? Or is it an excuse to boast to friends how exciting your life is through photos and statuses so as to reassure your ego?


2 thoughts on “Week 2: I have been victimized

  1. Xiu Yi says:

    Excellent post, I admire your honesty.

    In some ways, I believe that social media is like fire, a good servant but a bad master. As such, control is key so as to maximize the benefits (which certainly cannot be dismissed) and minimize the harm this tool could bring.

  2. thecurlyasian says:

    wow i agree with everything you said. but personally i think we engage in social media cos we’re bored most of the time…

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