Week 3: How Social Networking saved my life

Two years ago, I interned at a production house as a casting director where I had to source for actors and actresses to act in Channel 8 sex education drama. The first place I hit to get people was, undoubtedly, the best social networking site on earth – FACEBOOK, OF COURSE!

I was initially sceptical about it so I tested the waters by writing my first status to seek help.

3 likes and 45 comments?!? Okay, that spontaneous responses from people was unexpected but pleasant. I had experienced the power of social networking so instantly and was so happy to have this useful tool. I was also excited that I could garner the help of people I have not spoke to for the past few years and just get the information spreading around. Soon, I had a steady stream of friends and acquaintances coming for casting auditions, just solely through Facebook. They were probably curious how it is like acting in front of the cameras and for a Channel 8 drama (furthermore, a SEX EDUCATION drama).

My director, being the pickiest and most anal, needed more choices of people. We needed alot of people as there were many characters to cast for. A rich looking guy, a pimply girl, a sexy looking girl… I crossed my fingers and posted more statuses in Facebook.



And even went abit (just slighty) overboard with my statuses. But I couldn’t care less – I was a desperate production assistant.


In the end, everything went really well due to the power of social networking! I could even connect with people who were friends of my friends to help me with the show production, and then became my friends. I was so thankfu; then to have built a strong foundation of connections in Facebook so that getting help was so much easier. But side tracking a little, here are some photos of the celebrities I took during my internship!





One thought on “Week 3: How Social Networking saved my life

  1. thecurlyasian says:

    wow your internship was so cool!!! were you in the drama too? Hehehehe

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