Week 4: Online shopping

I love online shopping. I live and breathe online shopping. I feel that ever since I finally noticed the wonders of online shopping, I stopped hitting shopping malls (ok, rarely) and get stuck on my computer screen, scrolling up and down and looking at pretty clothes. I could do it all day, but I can’t.

I have a life.

When I open my wardrobe, I can safely say 80% of my clothes are from my online shopping haul. I love online shopping from overseas sites such as ASOS, forever21, gmarket and the occasional patronage to local blogshops.

What makes online shopping so attractive? Afterall, the long agonizing wait, the troublesome process on certain websites, and the online risks of getting scammed (I got scammed once L Never got my pair of jeans, and lost $50) can be pretty daunting… But I will tell you why.

1)      The crispy smell of envelope from the UK or the states, and that unexplainable exhilaration when you rip open the package.

It’s really based on your luck after that part. If the item matches your expectations, and whatever you saw online before you bought it, GOOD FOR YOU! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! If not… well, just donate it for a good cause. So that’s great, online shopping encourages charity too!!

2)      You don’t need legs. You just need fingers.

YESSS. Perfect for lazy people like me. It’s so low on energy consumption, even though excessive online browsing can make your eyes tired. But really, save your leg energy to run for the buses, or to school if you’re late.

3)      Things just look better… on the screen.
Issit the awesome photoshop skills? Or the perfect lighting? I DONT REALLY CARE. I JUST WANT TO GET THAT BAG RIGHT NOW.  IT LOOKS SMASHING.

4)      You can buy a bunch of stuff at one go and not carry anything! Everything’s shipped to you directly!


Hopefully I have convinced you to online shop right. Yes, the agonizing wait…. IS WORTH THE WAIT. But definitely, always be on your guard against potential online scams and risks!


2 thoughts on “Week 4: Online shopping

  1. jefwy says:

    online shopping has definitely brought about huge amounts of convenience to lazy shoppers (like me!) and who’s to complain when it arrives at your doorstep? but i think theres still room for improvement in terms of security of the transaction, the privacy of the buyer as well to ensure that such information isn’t being sold to marketers or other companies.

  2. thecurlyasian says:

    i started online shopping this year. OMG SO FUN YO.

    now i’m a semi-G-Market-addict sigh *money flying away*

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