Week 5: Habbo Hotel

I remember one of my favourite games online in primary school was… HABBO HOTEL!

It is this virtual hotel where you can mix and mingle with people from all over the world. It’s pretty similar to Second Life. There are many different versions of Habbo Hotel now, varying from Japan to even Singapore. (I tried the Habbo Hotel Japan but I couldn’t understand a single word they were saying)

Back then, I played Habbo Hotel United Kingdom. Being the naive 11 year old me, I was so fascinated and new to creating an online persona for myself; my very own Habbo. I started experimenting with different looks, ranging from the “Gothic”…

To the “Asian woman”…

And then to “I-dont-even-know-what-style-this” is.

I love dressing up in the virtual reality, as I wouldn’t be afraid of being judged by virtual strangers as compared to the real world. In fact, there are many people in there who dress weirdly and boldly. But today, I feel like being a mermaid. And I shall be a mermaid.

Now that I’m happy with the way my Habbo looks, I’m ready to explore Habbo Hotel! Since it is a virtual hotel, users can create their own rooms to express themselves. They can buy chairs, rugs, tables, little miscellaneous objects and even a unicorn to ride on!

One can also buy exclusivity by purchasing the Habbo Club or VIP membership. With these special statuses, one can unlock special clothes, hairdos and furniture to stand out from the sea of normal looking Habbos!

Some users create their rooms based on their own interpretation of a real life location. For instance, the airport where you can take a virtual trip to Hawaii…

A luxurious restaurant where you can take your virtual boyfriend/girlfriend for a date…

And even an indoor swimming pool where you can just laze around and meet new people.

To own such rooms, plenty of Habbo Credits are needed to buy all these things, and they do not come cheap.

A set of 20 virtual credits would mean S$6 in reality. I wouldn’t buy them for sure. Why spend $6 to buy a set of virtual furniture when you can spend $6 on a delicious meal in real life? But you would be amazed by how some people would be willing to spend lots of real life money to invest on their online self.

Online social games are definitely fun to play and explore! Just don’t be too immersed in your online self that you forget who you are in reality.


One thought on “Week 5: Habbo Hotel

  1. thecurlyasian says:

    i only started playing habbo hotel in secondary school…hahahahahahaha

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