Week 7: Antibiotics and vitamins for your computer!

Computer security is very crucial. It’s like taking essential supplements and vitamins in our body so that we don’t fall sick. Our computers will fall sick like us too. Most of us take our computers for granted sometimes, I know I do. You know that you would switch on the computer and expect it to work every single time, because your computer is that awesome and powerful. But when the unexpected hits you one day, and your computer switches on and it’s not your Kpop idol desktop wallpaper that you see first…. BUT….


And you start crying and asking yourself, WHYYYY DIDN’T I PROTECT MY COMPUTER in the first place? That’s when internet security comes into the picture! Here’s what I do to protect my computer.

1) Install anti-virus software. That is really important. Protect yourself. Don’t be a victim. Hahah, I sound like I am promoting some abstinence for sex, BUT YOU GET WHAT I MEAN. You can try Norton.

An anti-virus software works like our antibiotics solution the doctor gives us.


It analyzes information and sifts out the infected bacteria and disinfects it. Heres a simplistic illustration on how it really works:

The anti-virus software is not an absolute solution to everything though. That’s why we need to take other precautions too! So my next proposed precaution would be to….

 Back up important data in a hard disc. I do that for photos and sometimes, work and projects which I wish to keep (maybe it will come in handy in the future when preparing for a job portfolio!)

See! It’s that easy. Protect your computer from viruses and bugs now. Don’t wait till your computer falls sick and it’s too late.


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