Week 8: Multimedia

One of the most amazing multimedia platforms to me, is definitely Youtube.

Good visuals, check.
Good MOVING visuals, check. (then again, it depends on the quality of videos users upload)
Audio, check
Interactivity with audiences, check.

Whether is it a new celebrity trying to break into the music industry by uploading his/her latest single, or a company trying to sell an idea to its target audience, or a nobody trying to be a somebody by uploading his/her funny parodies and music covers… Youtube works.

Everyone and anyone can upload their videos to Youtube and can be a sensational hit within days due to its viral nature where users can easily share videos through other social media platforms. But there are a gazillion of videos out there and to face the truth, only the memorable ones would be remembered. For me, I remember only the funny, genuine and heartbreaking ones.

1)      Humour. I remember chancing upon this big-sized American girl one day randomly and I fell in love with her videos instantly. She’s not only funny but genuine, and she’s an inspiration to all the big-sized girls out there. She’s none other than glowpinkstah.

Please watch her make-up videos! She dresses up as various characters and is not afraid of being judged despite her size and looks. Here’s one one of my favourite videos where she attempts a Japanese ganguro look.

2)      Genuine. I love watching music covers but there are just too many music covers to watch on Youtube (even for myself, I upload my own music covers too… hehe just for fun)! But I love Jayesslee. Their voice just resonates beautifully… I mean there must be a good reason why they have over 3 million hits for this video!!

3)      Heartbreaking. Heartbreaking in a sense that it stirs something inside you, making your heart prune up and tears well up in your eyes. There’s this thai advertisement for an insurance company that never fails to make me cry… and I swear if I were born in Thailand right now, I might just buy insurance policies for my family.

So, if you want to be a Youtube star or a sensational hit, you know what to do 😉


One thought on “Week 8: Multimedia

  1. Chris. says:

    I love glowpinkstah!!!! And yes, I have to agree that YouTube is one of the most amazing platforms. It can be really helpful whether you’re looking for resources for school or just looking for entertainment 🙂

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