Week 9: Internet Politics

I was nonchalant and ignorant towards politics in Singapore, let alone political issues around the world. A few years ago, I was this naive little girl, who never cared much about the world, elections and economy… and was just living in this small bubble of mine.

But the rise of social media platforms indeed raised awareness of various world happenings to me. I couldn’t ignore my friends’ statuses on Facebook on the ongoing American elections, or my china friends talking about how they are going to stop buying Japanese products due to the tension between Japan and China… these ongoing discussions piqued my interest in world politics and I took up the initiative and started googling about those issues. After articles and articles, and various Youtube videos on the American elections, I suddenly became more knowledgeable of the world and I felt more INTELLIGENT.

Social media platforms are really powerful. I remember how it got almost EVERYONE on twitter to tweet about their feelings towards the American elections. The hashtag #Gobama was trending and everyone was furiously tweeting their support for Obama.

Suddenly, it became very trendy to talk about politics on social media platforms. Almost everyone wanted to be part of it – regardless whether they were Americans, Singaporeans… maybe some were genuinely showing their support towards a particular political candidate and raising awareness on which one was better, or maybe some merely wanted to show off their intellectual thoughts and supported Obama just because everyone was doing so but knew nothing much about the American politics.

But the American elections really made it very trendy for everyone to discuss politics openly across the internet, which I think it’s a brilliant phenomenon. It is the start of something new – turning ignorant youths like me to be more interested in world affairs. The results are still unknown and we will only know who’s going to be serving America on the 6th November 2012. I am jumping on the Obama bandwagon because I strongly believe that he’s going to do something to help drive the economy out of its stagnant stage, and help the poor and middleclass.



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