Week 10: Citizen Journalism

Todays class on Internet Journalism reminded me of my poly days doing this module, Broadcast Journalism. We had to source for newsworthy news, write about them, do like a reporter style video and even record our own news report like a news radio show. And since you like homemade videos so much Mr Abel, I shall post a video from my poly days to entertain you ah.

But ok, back to internet journalism! I feel that almost everything in our daily lives can be made into news and everyone can be a journalist which leads me to the point of Citizen Journalism. As Singaporeans, we LOVE to complain, we revel in the moment of complaining every single aspect of our lives. With the existence of social media platforms, it makes it so much easier and convenient for us to post random snippets of our lives. And once everyone starts sharing and discussing that particular piece of news, it becomes viral very easily. The recent news of Amy Cheong, posting racist remarks, was actually sparked off from Citizen Journalism when one of her ‘friends’, decided to sabotage her, printscreened her racist statuses and shared it on Facebook.

This really shows the power of citizen journalism. We are all citizen journalists ourselves and it’s easy to create sensational news on the internet. Even videos on an Ah Lian quarrelling with an aunty on the MRT can make a newsworthy story, or a photo of a couple displaying public displays of affection of the train, They may not make it to the headlines of the newspaper, but they are all quite well-known in the Singapore community due to how news spread like wildfire on social media platforms.

We must be on our guard at all times. The power of citizen journalism is scary. It has caused Amy Cheong her job, the scandalous NUS law scholar his scholarship and who knows what might happen to you if you are not careful of your presence on the internet.

So yes, be sensible. Keep racist comments to yourself, don’t air your dirty laundry and underwear over the internet and don’t even try making out and groping each other on the public transport with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You never know who’s watching you.


2 thoughts on “Week 10: Citizen Journalism

  1. jefwy says:

    i guess with citizen journalism, as with all user generated content, we should practice responsible posting and be aware of the repercussions that it could bring if an insensitive content is posted. the internet has a huge, worldwide reach and a seemingly harmless post might land one in trouble.

  2. Chris. says:

    Jurong east interchange…? Hahahaha nice video you have there!!

    Yes, internet journalism has really hurt some people, but I feel that people like Amy Cheong and the scholar should have seen the damage coming… People are already slammed for grammar errors, what more racist or inappropriate content?

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