Week #11: Future of Internet

This week, we talked about the big industry players in the technology market – Microsoft and Apple. Indeed, things have changed so drastically over the years due to constant technological improvements. Last time, my childhood was spent on playing hopscotch, five stones and catching – those simple yet cheap thrills we used to indulge in when we were kids.

And what about kids today?

Ipad, Iphone games, whatsapping each other….  yep that’s their childhood.

As much as I believe that technology does bring about great convenience and entertainment to us, it’s unknowingly making us less patient, more prone to annoyance (due to faster phone systems) and definitely changing the way how our kids are going to grow up in the future – and that really scares me.

Every week, my adorable 2 year old cousin would sit in her high chair and play with her ipad while her mother feeds her. And when she doesn’t have the ipad, she cannot eat. With a 2 year old child becoming so reliant on technological devices, I don’t know how bad it would affect her in the future. I do observe some subtle social behaviour she practices. She is extremely shy and doesn’t like to talk and interact with people, even with her extended family members as well – like me 😦

Another future internet trend I predict- we would be connected through almost every single appliance. Have you noticed your surroundings when you board the train?!?

People glued onto their phones like their eyes just simply cannot move away from them. And that is OBSESSION. With such a trend right now, I believe it would only get more exaggerated in the future. People would find the need to install computer screens at every single appliance possible. On coffee machines, fridges, mirrors, massage chairs, and maybe even the chopping board when you are chopping onions to cook for dinner?

And with more emphasis on the internet, with it being installed in almost every day appliance, and used so widely, this means that other forms of media might be neglected. Perhaps, there would neither be any print newspapers nor glossy magazine pages to flip anymore. Print media would probably be non-existential. More advertisers would bank on internet platforms to promote their products and almost everything would be connected and condensed in that computer screen.

Whether my predictions for the future would be true, we would never know. But for now, let’s start appreciating the little things in life. Yes, put down that smart phone now. Take a look at the night sky, feel the cool breeze, arrange for an impromptu supper with a friend and have a good chat face-to-face. Let’s ditch the idea of being technological slaves and just be humans for awhile.


One thought on “Week #11: Future of Internet

  1. Chris. says:

    Thanks for the reminder that we should appreciate the people and our surroundings, and not be too dependent on our mobile devices! Those are things we tend to neglect.

    Remember how Ms Pollack used to tell us that using our phones during meetups and gatherings conveys the message that what’s happening on our phones is more important than what is right before us at the moment? Your post reminds me of that 🙂

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