Final Week: Reflection

Wow! It’s been a looooonggg journey for COM125. I think it’s a wonderful idea to have an assignment on blog writing as it required me to research on things, and this made me learn things along the way as well. And I hope you had fun reading my blog too, Mr Choy!

I felt that there were many aspects of the internet I thought I knew already, but I don’t. The internet is huuuuuge and there is more to the internet than just the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Through my friends’ show and tell, I was exposed to a variety of platforms and websites that I have never came across. From scary games to websites that help you earn $5, it was indeed interesting to learn about the internet through the show & tell!

Through this class, I also learnt that the best way to learn about the internet is also to use it and experiment it myself. One can read on reviews on various software, applications and gadgets on newspapers and magazines, but they would never really know the true experience of it until they really try it for themselves and learn about it. For instance, my mother recently got a smart phone herself. She never knew anything about a smart phone except from observing how my sister and I used it, until she tried it for herself lately. The internet’s indeed for both the young and old.

Even though I have learnt that the internet can be such an awesome tool that provides countless of benefits for us, we should always use it with wisdom and caution. The internet exposes us to endless possibilities of greatness, yet puts us at risk of endless possibilities of danger as well.

Thank you Mr Choy for teaching COM125. Hope to see you around school soon!


One thought on “Final Week: Reflection

  1. Chris. says:

    Love your posts yannie!! All very funny hahahahah and when I read them in my head I read them with your voice.

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