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Final Week: Reflection

Wow! It’s been a looooonggg journey for COM125. I think it’s a wonderful idea to have an assignment on blog writing as it required me to research on things, and this made me learn things along the way as well. And I hope you had fun reading my blog too, Mr Choy!

I felt that there were many aspects of the internet I thought I knew already, but I don’t. The internet is huuuuuge and there is more to the internet than just the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Through my friends’ show and tell, I was exposed to a variety of platforms and websites that I have never came across. From scary games to websites that help you earn $5, it was indeed interesting to learn about the internet through the show & tell!

Through this class, I also learnt that the best way to learn about the internet is also to use it and experiment it myself. One can read on reviews on various software, applications and gadgets on newspapers and magazines, but they would never really know the true experience of it until they really try it for themselves and learn about it. For instance, my mother recently got a smart phone herself. She never knew anything about a smart phone except from observing how my sister and I used it, until she tried it for herself lately. The internet’s indeed for both the young and old.

Even though I have learnt that the internet can be such an awesome tool that provides countless of benefits for us, we should always use it with wisdom and caution. The internet exposes us to endless possibilities of greatness, yet puts us at risk of endless possibilities of danger as well.

Thank you Mr Choy for teaching COM125. Hope to see you around school soon!


Week #11: Future of Internet

This week, we talked about the big industry players in the technology market – Microsoft and Apple. Indeed, things have changed so drastically over the years due to constant technological improvements. Last time, my childhood was spent on playing hopscotch, five stones and catching – those simple yet cheap thrills we used to indulge in when we were kids.

And what about kids today?

Ipad, Iphone games, whatsapping each other….  yep that’s their childhood.

As much as I believe that technology does bring about great convenience and entertainment to us, it’s unknowingly making us less patient, more prone to annoyance (due to faster phone systems) and definitely changing the way how our kids are going to grow up in the future – and that really scares me.

Every week, my adorable 2 year old cousin would sit in her high chair and play with her ipad while her mother feeds her. And when she doesn’t have the ipad, she cannot eat. With a 2 year old child becoming so reliant on technological devices, I don’t know how bad it would affect her in the future. I do observe some subtle social behaviour she practices. She is extremely shy and doesn’t like to talk and interact with people, even with her extended family members as well – like me 😦

Another future internet trend I predict- we would be connected through almost every single appliance. Have you noticed your surroundings when you board the train?!?

People glued onto their phones like their eyes just simply cannot move away from them. And that is OBSESSION. With such a trend right now, I believe it would only get more exaggerated in the future. People would find the need to install computer screens at every single appliance possible. On coffee machines, fridges, mirrors, massage chairs, and maybe even the chopping board when you are chopping onions to cook for dinner?

And with more emphasis on the internet, with it being installed in almost every day appliance, and used so widely, this means that other forms of media might be neglected. Perhaps, there would neither be any print newspapers nor glossy magazine pages to flip anymore. Print media would probably be non-existential. More advertisers would bank on internet platforms to promote their products and almost everything would be connected and condensed in that computer screen.

Whether my predictions for the future would be true, we would never know. But for now, let’s start appreciating the little things in life. Yes, put down that smart phone now. Take a look at the night sky, feel the cool breeze, arrange for an impromptu supper with a friend and have a good chat face-to-face. Let’s ditch the idea of being technological slaves and just be humans for awhile.

Week 10: Citizen Journalism

Todays class on Internet Journalism reminded me of my poly days doing this module, Broadcast Journalism. We had to source for newsworthy news, write about them, do like a reporter style video and even record our own news report like a news radio show. And since you like homemade videos so much Mr Abel, I shall post a video from my poly days to entertain you ah.

But ok, back to internet journalism! I feel that almost everything in our daily lives can be made into news and everyone can be a journalist which leads me to the point of Citizen Journalism. As Singaporeans, we LOVE to complain, we revel in the moment of complaining every single aspect of our lives. With the existence of social media platforms, it makes it so much easier and convenient for us to post random snippets of our lives. And once everyone starts sharing and discussing that particular piece of news, it becomes viral very easily. The recent news of Amy Cheong, posting racist remarks, was actually sparked off from Citizen Journalism when one of her ‘friends’, decided to sabotage her, printscreened her racist statuses and shared it on Facebook.

This really shows the power of citizen journalism. We are all citizen journalists ourselves and it’s easy to create sensational news on the internet. Even videos on an Ah Lian quarrelling with an aunty on the MRT can make a newsworthy story, or a photo of a couple displaying public displays of affection of the train, They may not make it to the headlines of the newspaper, but they are all quite well-known in the Singapore community due to how news spread like wildfire on social media platforms.

We must be on our guard at all times. The power of citizen journalism is scary. It has caused Amy Cheong her job, the scandalous NUS law scholar his scholarship and who knows what might happen to you if you are not careful of your presence on the internet.

So yes, be sensible. Keep racist comments to yourself, don’t air your dirty laundry and underwear over the internet and don’t even try making out and groping each other on the public transport with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You never know who’s watching you.

Week 9: Internet Politics

I was nonchalant and ignorant towards politics in Singapore, let alone political issues around the world. A few years ago, I was this naive little girl, who never cared much about the world, elections and economy… and was just living in this small bubble of mine.

But the rise of social media platforms indeed raised awareness of various world happenings to me. I couldn’t ignore my friends’ statuses on Facebook on the ongoing American elections, or my china friends talking about how they are going to stop buying Japanese products due to the tension between Japan and China… these ongoing discussions piqued my interest in world politics and I took up the initiative and started googling about those issues. After articles and articles, and various Youtube videos on the American elections, I suddenly became more knowledgeable of the world and I felt more INTELLIGENT.

Social media platforms are really powerful. I remember how it got almost EVERYONE on twitter to tweet about their feelings towards the American elections. The hashtag #Gobama was trending and everyone was furiously tweeting their support for Obama.

Suddenly, it became very trendy to talk about politics on social media platforms. Almost everyone wanted to be part of it – regardless whether they were Americans, Singaporeans… maybe some were genuinely showing their support towards a particular political candidate and raising awareness on which one was better, or maybe some merely wanted to show off their intellectual thoughts and supported Obama just because everyone was doing so but knew nothing much about the American politics.

But the American elections really made it very trendy for everyone to discuss politics openly across the internet, which I think it’s a brilliant phenomenon. It is the start of something new – turning ignorant youths like me to be more interested in world affairs. The results are still unknown and we will only know who’s going to be serving America on the 6th November 2012. I am jumping on the Obama bandwagon because I strongly believe that he’s going to do something to help drive the economy out of its stagnant stage, and help the poor and middleclass.


Week 8: Multimedia

One of the most amazing multimedia platforms to me, is definitely Youtube.

Good visuals, check.
Good MOVING visuals, check. (then again, it depends on the quality of videos users upload)
Audio, check
Interactivity with audiences, check.

Whether is it a new celebrity trying to break into the music industry by uploading his/her latest single, or a company trying to sell an idea to its target audience, or a nobody trying to be a somebody by uploading his/her funny parodies and music covers… Youtube works.

Everyone and anyone can upload their videos to Youtube and can be a sensational hit within days due to its viral nature where users can easily share videos through other social media platforms. But there are a gazillion of videos out there and to face the truth, only the memorable ones would be remembered. For me, I remember only the funny, genuine and heartbreaking ones.

1)      Humour. I remember chancing upon this big-sized American girl one day randomly and I fell in love with her videos instantly. She’s not only funny but genuine, and she’s an inspiration to all the big-sized girls out there. She’s none other than glowpinkstah.

Please watch her make-up videos! She dresses up as various characters and is not afraid of being judged despite her size and looks. Here’s one one of my favourite videos where she attempts a Japanese ganguro look.

2)      Genuine. I love watching music covers but there are just too many music covers to watch on Youtube (even for myself, I upload my own music covers too… hehe just for fun)! But I love Jayesslee. Their voice just resonates beautifully… I mean there must be a good reason why they have over 3 million hits for this video!!

3)      Heartbreaking. Heartbreaking in a sense that it stirs something inside you, making your heart prune up and tears well up in your eyes. There’s this thai advertisement for an insurance company that never fails to make me cry… and I swear if I were born in Thailand right now, I might just buy insurance policies for my family.

So, if you want to be a Youtube star or a sensational hit, you know what to do 😉

Week 7: Antibiotics and vitamins for your computer!

Computer security is very crucial. It’s like taking essential supplements and vitamins in our body so that we don’t fall sick. Our computers will fall sick like us too. Most of us take our computers for granted sometimes, I know I do. You know that you would switch on the computer and expect it to work every single time, because your computer is that awesome and powerful. But when the unexpected hits you one day, and your computer switches on and it’s not your Kpop idol desktop wallpaper that you see first…. BUT….


And you start crying and asking yourself, WHYYYY DIDN’T I PROTECT MY COMPUTER in the first place? That’s when internet security comes into the picture! Here’s what I do to protect my computer.

1) Install anti-virus software. That is really important. Protect yourself. Don’t be a victim. Hahah, I sound like I am promoting some abstinence for sex, BUT YOU GET WHAT I MEAN. You can try Norton.

An anti-virus software works like our antibiotics solution the doctor gives us.


It analyzes information and sifts out the infected bacteria and disinfects it. Heres a simplistic illustration on how it really works:

The anti-virus software is not an absolute solution to everything though. That’s why we need to take other precautions too! So my next proposed precaution would be to….

 Back up important data in a hard disc. I do that for photos and sometimes, work and projects which I wish to keep (maybe it will come in handy in the future when preparing for a job portfolio!)

See! It’s that easy. Protect your computer from viruses and bugs now. Don’t wait till your computer falls sick and it’s too late.

Week 6: Post a video!

Hello Mr Abel Choy and friends,

I love playing the guitar and just singing random songs whenever I am bored. Sometimes, I pull in my boyfriend and we sing together. So here’s another one for you too! Hope they make your day. 🙂